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  "New research suggests good oral health is essential to good overall health and high quality of life."  

Education and Training Committee
Chair: Gloria Vermie
Vice Chair:  Abby Less, Iowa Department of Public Health

Committee Focus:        
Develop and promote awareness, education, and training opportunities for oral health professionals, the direct care workforce and those providing care and support for older adults

Coordination and Outreach Committee
Chair: Katie McBurney, Iowa Department of Public Health
Vice Chair: RaeAnn Herrick, I-SmileTM Silver Coordinator, Lee County
Committee Focus:        
Provide outreach to the public and stakeholders about the importance of optimal oral health and support strategies that coordinate access to care

Program Policy and Reimbursement Committee
Chair: Sue Hyland, Iowa Dental Hygienists' Association
Vice Chair:  Mary Kelly, Oral Health Connections
Committee Focus:         
Stay actively engaged in policy activities related to oral health care and aging, and explore innovative payment models

Sustainability Committee
Chair: Julie McMahon, Iowa Public Health Association
Committee Focus:  
Consider strategies for sustainability for membership, stakeholders, leadership, and coalition retention and growth



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